- Willa McDonald -


e: mcdwilla@gmail.com

ig: best___western //  trophycase_gallery

Texas based, but I tend to wander. 

I run Trophycase Gallery, an online gallery platform.


My work largely explores the mythology of the American West and its ‘cowboy’ subculture which cycles and re-cycles back through popular culture as a totally unrealistic yet self-informing reality. I like the pageantry and hyper-aggrandized nature showcased by its tradition, ideals, tropes...rhinestones.

As a printmaker I am process and detail oriented, but I am also entranced by the importance of materiality to push beyond flat imagery through digital and physical manipulation. My practice relies on assumed ideas about the Wild West, iconography, souvenirs, and the influence of personal mythology from growing up in Texas.

Right now, I am working towards utilizing collage as a medium to juxtapose and celebrate propagandized expectations such as when I was asked by a fellow tourist on vacation at Disney World if I ride my horse to school. The reality is that I don't own a horse to kick on my way to school, never have. My fascinations also turn to hotdog eating contests, small fishing towns, and tent fumigation imagery. 🌭